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salmon's Journal

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Salmon, The Band
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Greetings! Welcome to the community for, about, and partially run by the band "Salmon". Salmon is a band located around the lower part of Alabama whose major influences include such bands as They Might Be Giants, Phish, Tripping Daisy, Pain, Weezer, R.E.M., etc. The band can best be described as "Improvisational Nerd Rock". The members are mainly a group of intellectual/philosophical/humorous musicians, and the music and lyrics are generally just as whimsical, witty, intelligent, and silly as the people making it. Members of Salmon include: Jacob (Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Mandolin somewhat); Sean (Vocals, Bass, Wants to Play Mandolin); Michael (Vocals a Bit, Piano, Keyboard, Wants to play Guitar); and Tracy "Crow" (Drums). Now, see what people all over are saying about Salmon:

"We're just a good, wholesome band, here to please America" -Crow
"Or to destroy it..." -Jacob
"I dunno, I always thought they were kinda strange" -Aunt Bertha
"They're all Satan!" - Reverend Jerry Falldownawell
"Who?" -Everyone from Smackawhale, Wyoming

So, now, embark on a magical journey into the land where fish make music and where Wyoming is an extra-dimensional planet inhabited by interstellar goats. Enter now, into the twisted minds that compose Salmon and everything it represents. Or just check out this community.

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