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Snootch the Nootch, boys!

Hey all, i thought i'd post here for the first time in my LJ lifespan. Im just kinda curious when salmon is gonna get together for a jam. I belive we've done it as a full "band" only once. So i guess the basic line-up is Jacob on vocals on guitar and vocals, Sean (that's be me) on bass and slight vocals, Michael on keyboard (and vocals i would suppose) and Tracyman on drums. Let's not keep in static roles though. I mean like lets switch up on some instruments and vocalities. I do enjoy guitar so much, although im better on bass. I just found a philosophy that goes like this; Screw keys and play what sounds good and interesting. It keeps things fresh and breaks out of a mold that songs that are in the same key would be in normally. Try different time signatures other than 4:4. I hear 11:16 is a fun one. But lets work up to that.
In other news, in lieu of the sort of break-up of the Bread Machine, it looks as though im a member of 4 bands (Salmon, The Curry/Jon/Sean Project, The Stoneheadz (gah horrible name) and Blue Shaped Sphere.) Im not sure if im in Blue or not since Tracy wont tell me anything about the band or send me any form of sound file due to the fact that he hates everything he creates(mostly). I'll just wait i suppose. The one with Curry and Jonathan is gonna be a more experimental alternative thing. Me and Jonathan are drawn into bands with one another in them because of our love of 90's alternative, 60's/70's classic rock and of course, The Pixies. (ALL HAIL FRANK BLACK!)
The Bread Machine was a jam band. I love "jam music", but i suppose Ben just didnt have the vision i wanted. He wanted to fit into the little stereotype of how those bands are supposed to be, while me and Jonathan wanted to break new ground. I suppose i can credit Ben with getting me to play guitar and bass (its funny, really check this out; Ben said, a bit regretfully, that if it wasnt for Limp Bizkit(:P) and korn (:<), he'd never ever picked up a guitar.)
So the Stoneheadz line-up is this; Mike Reynolds, bass. Matt Reynolds, 1st guitar, vocals. Ben Hartley (the one and only), 2nd guitar. Pickle, drums (although he may quit), and me on bass, guitar, bongos and tamborine and anything else left in one place for too long as well as vocals.
Oh yeah. im 15 goddammit. took a whole shite'ing year. Bout damn time. hell. no thanks to you. Ass.
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Your defintaly in Blue. Go look at the profile page for it.